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As professionals in debt counselling and debt consolidation in Victoria, the most essential piece of advice we can give to clients in financial trouble is: don’t put off dealing with your finances. Debt grows over time and we’ve seen the toll that debt takes on individuals, families and businesses. When you visit the Victoria office of Abakhan & Associates, we provide a warm, non-judgmental environment where you can get your questions answered and, with our help, create a plan to get free of debt. Come visit us to experience the understanding and the professional experience behind the smiling faces you see pictured below.

Is Debt Consolidation for You?
If you have multiple creditors with multiple deadlines, you may find it less stressful to consolidate your debt into one manageable monthly payment toward a debt consolidation loan. Such a loan may be a home equity loan or zero-interest balance transfer to one credit card. There are several options and we can help you assess whether what you pay in interest over the life of such a loan is substantially more than you would pay with other options.

Credit Counselling Helps Victoria Residents Get Free of Debt

Our experience has been that debt consolidation alone is usually not enough to put you back in control of your finances and your future. To be free of debt over time and to re-establish a healthy credit requires credit counselling. Victoria, BC clients of Abakhan & Associates learn how to identify the circumstances that led them into financial trouble before, make a financial plan and implement it. Corporate and small business clients, especially, have found that our credit counselling services are a step-by-step approach to making their enterprise viable again.

Come visit our team of BIA counsellors, estate manager, and insolvency administrator, whose experienced hands can help you take back control of your financial situation.